August 29, 2016

Suddi Raval

Having stared out in the music industry in 1990 with the dance act Together, their 1st 12″ became an anthem at the Hacienda and after a protracted bidding war between the major labels he signed to Pete Tongs FFRR and charted in the UK single charts at number 12. He has since gone to release many more singles and remixes from the likes of Durruti Column and Alien Sex Fiend!

Suddi has worked extensively in the video game industry providing the soundtrack to games such LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens, Spiderman and the Harry Potter series. After a brief period of absence from the club scene, Suddi has recently re-entered the dance arena by releasing a string of underground acid tracks with renounced mastering producer Matt Sargeant and now also as a solo artist.

Together – Hardcore Uproar