February 13, 2016

Tim Tonal

It’s a pleasure to announce Tim Tonal as the latest signing to Mabuk Recordings.

Tim has many years of experience releasing proper underground house music through various projects. These include Virtual Energy, E-Motion, Mood Change, Rainbow Zone, Funky Squad and most importantly Tonal Fusion with lifelong friend Jon Tonal – the team behind Alpha Dogs.

He has released tracks previously on labels including DiY Discs, Strictly 4 Groovers, Energy Records and MCR.

Having already produced and remixed Mabuk tracks by PJ Principle & Jean Jacques Smoothie we thought it was about time we started to release some of his solo material. Tim is currently busy in the studio writing and producing a number of tracks in a Mabuk style. First up for release this Easter is a deep acid house number called Acid Reflux.